Our mission is to connect Electronic Board Designers to EMS, Printed-Circuit-Board and Components Manufacturers, through channels that guarantee the highest level of suitability between equipment, expertise, professionalism and project requirements.


To seamlessly and flawlessly bring your product to life, Fox EMS provides you with a convenient One-Stop solution to precisely manufacture your Electronic Boards. We will save you from the hassle of dealing with the various factories and distributors. Our experts will spearhead your project by aligning you with the most suitable source of Bare Board, Components and PCB Assembly. This alignment is based on your project complexity, production class, lead time and industry you operate in. Prior to offering our services, an NDA is signed to guarantee your Proprietary Information’ security and confidentiality.

"We founded our company with a passion to build great products; but we didn’t really want to build the products as much as we wanted to design them, and outsource the production. Fox EMS laid plain all the possible options for us, from sourcing to assembly to testing, and guided us through the sunniest path to optimal quality/price manufacturing process."

Michael – Founder – Netherlands

At Fox EMS we strive to ensure that your radical ideas and groundbreaking designs are crafted with attention to precision and overall excellence. It’s indispensable for our partners to uphold the highest standards and execute extensive quality checks at various points during the production process.

To screen out the numerous players in the market and partner up with the elite, substantial audits had to be performed. As a preliminary screening process, we verify that the factories have earned the fundamental certificates and are following the IPC Standard. Only once this is confirmed that we delve into our appraisal list that includes, but not limited to, the assessment of the production workflow, quality checks, and manufacturing equipment. 

For a factory to become a member of our trusted network, it is unarguable that it must hold the fundamental certificates that underline their conformity to your quality requirements and industry standards. Below are some of the main certificates that we use as a first filtering process to select our partners.



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